Manage InfluxDB Enterprise clusters

Use the following tools to manage and interact with your InfluxDB Enterprise clusters:

influxd-ctl cluster management utility

The influxd-ctl utility provides commands for managing your InfluxDB Enterprise clusters. Use the influxd-ctl cluster management utility to manage your cluster nodes, back up and restore data, and rebalance clusters. The influxd-ctl utility is available on all meta nodes.

For more information, see influxd-ctl.

influx command line interface (CLI)

Use the influx command line interface (CLI) to write data to your cluster, query data interactively, and view query output in different formats. The influx CLI is available on all data nodes.

See InfluxDB command line interface (CLI/shell) for details on using the influx command line interface.

Set your InfluxDB URL

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