Work with functions

A function type is a set of parameters that perform an operation.

Function syntax

A Flux function literal contains the following:

  • Zero or more parameters enclosed in parentheses (())
    • Parameters are comma separated
    • Parameters must be named (no positional params)
    • Optionally assign a default value for each parameter with the = assignment operator. Parameters without a default value require user input and are considered required parameters.
  • => arrow operator to pass parameters into the function body.
  • Function body to define function operations and return a response.
Example functions
// Function that returns the value 1
() => 1

// Function that returns the sum of a and b
(a, b) => a + b

// Function with default values
(x=1, y=1) => x * y

// Function with a block body
(a, b, c) => { 
    d = a + b
    return d / c

Define functions

For information about defining custom functions, see Define custom functions.

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