Flux InfluxDB v1 package

InfluxDB v1 Flux functions provide tools for managing data from an InfluxDB v1.x database or structured using the InfluxDB v1 data structure. Import the influxdata/influxdb/v1 package:

import "influxdata/influxdb/v1"


Deprecated functions

In Flux 0.88.0, the following InfluxDB v1 package functions moved to the InfluxDB schema package. These functions are still available in the v1 package for backwards compatibility, but are deprecated in favor of schema.

Deprecated v1 function Corresponding schema function
v1.fieldKeys() schema.fieldKeys()
v1.fieldsAsCols() schema.fieldsAsCols()
v1.measurementFieldKeys() schema.measurementFieldKeys()
v1.measurements() schema.measurements()
v1.measurementTagKeys() schema.measurementTagKeys()
v1.measurementTagValues() schema.measurementTagValues()
v1.tagKeys() schema.tagKeys()
v1.tagValues() schema.tagValues()

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