pagerduty.endpoint() function

pagerduty.endpoint() returns a function that sends a message to PagerDuty that includes output data.

Function type signature
    ?url: string,
) => (
    mapFn: (
        r: {A with _pagerdutyDedupKey: string},
    ) => {
        B with
        timestamp: K,
        summary: string,
        source: J,
        severity: I,
        routingKey: H,
        group: G,
        eventAction: F,
        clientURL: E,
        client: D,
        class: C,
) => (<-tables: stream[A]) => stream[{A with _status: string, _sent: string, _pagerdutyDedupKey: string, _body: string}]
For more information, see Function type signatures.



PagerDuty v2 Events API URL.

Default is

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