Remove a user

To remove a user from your InfluxDB Cloud organization, select one of the following:

Delete a single-user organization

Delete a single-user organization from one of the following:

  • Free plan
  • Usage-based plan

Free plan

  1. Click your user avatar in the left navigation bar and select Users.

  2. Hover over the user you want to remove and then click the icon that appears.

  3. Confirm the removal.

Usage-based plan

  1. Click on the user icon > billing.
  2. Cancel your service to delete your organization.

Multi-user organization

You can not delete a multi-user organization on your own.

Please contact InfluxData Support to delete-an-organization, or remove yourself from an organization.

Delete an organization

Remove yourself from an organization

  • Get another person in your organization to remove you.

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