influxd generate

The influxd generate command generates time series data direct to disk using a schema defined in a TOML file.

Important notes

  • influxd generate cannot run while the influxd server is running. The generate command modifies index and Time-Structured Merge Tree (TSM) data.
  • Use influxd generate for development and testing purposes only. Do not run it on a production server.


influxd generate <schema.toml> [flags]
influxd generate [subcommand]


Subcommand Description
help-schema Print a documented example TOML schema to stdout.
simple Generate simple data sets using defaults and CLI flags.


Flag Description Input Type
--print Print data spec and exit
--org Organiztion name string
--bucket Bucket Name string
--start-time Start time (YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z) (default is 00:00:00 of one week ago) string
--end-time End time (YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z) (default is 00:00:00 of current day) string
--clean Clean time series data files (none, tsm or all) (default none) string
--cpuprofile Collect a CPU profile string
--memprofile Collect a memory profile string
-h --help Help for the generate command

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