influxd inspect

The influxd inspect commands and subcommands inspecting on-disk InfluxDB time series data.


influxd inspect [subcommand]


Subcommand Description
build-tsi Rebuild the TSI index and series file
delete-tsm Delete a measurement from a TSM file
dump-tsi Output low level TSI information
dump-tsm Output low level TSM information
dump-wal Output TSM data from WAL files
export-index Export TSI index data
export-lp Export TSM data to line protocol
report-tsi Report the cardinality of TSI files
report-tsm Report information about TSM files
verify-seriesfile Verify the integrity of series files
verify-tombstone Verify the integrity of tombstone files
verify-tsm Verify the integrity of TSM files
verify-wal Verify the integrity of WAL files


Flag Description
-h --help Help for the inspect command

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