Telegraf commands and flags

This page documents an earlier version of Telegraf. Telegraf v1.23 is the latest stable version.

The telegraf command starts and runs all the processes necessary for Telegraf to function.


telegraf [commands]
telegraf [flags]


Command Description
config Print out full sample configuration to stdout.
version Print version to stdout.


Flag Description
--aggregator-filter <filter> Filter aggregators to enable. Separator is :.
--config <file> Configuration file to load.
--config-directory <directory> Directory containing additional *.conf files.
--deprecation-list Print all deprecated plugins or plugin options.
--watch-config Restart Telegraf on local configuration changes. Use either fs notifications (inotify) or polling (poll). Disabled by default
--plugin-directory <directory> Directory containing *.so files to search recursively for plugins. Found plugins are loaded, tagged, and identified.
--debug Enable debug logging.
--input-filter <filter> Filter input plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--input-list Print available input plugins.
--output-filter Filter output plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--output-list Print available output plugins.
--pidfile <file> File to write PID to.
--pprof-addr <address> pprof address to listen on. Disabled by default.
--processor-filter <filter> Filter processor plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--quiet Run in quiet mode.
--section-filter <filter> Filter configuration sections to output (agent, global_tags, outputs, processors, aggregators and inputs). Separator is :.
--sample-config Print full sample configuration.
--once Gather metrics once, write them, and exit.
--test Gather metrics once and print them.
--test-wait Number of seconds to wait for service inputs to complete in test or once mode.
--usage <plugin> Print plugin usage (example: telegraf --usage mysql).
--version Print Telegraf version.


Generate a Telegraf configuration file

telegraf config > telegraf.conf

Generate configuration with only CPU input and InfluxDB output plugins defined

telegraf --input-filter cpu --output-filter influxdb config

Run a single Telegraf configuration, outputting metrics to stdout

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --test

Run Telegraf with all plugins defined in configuration file**

telegraf --config telegraf.conf

Run Telegraf, enabling the CPU and memory input plugins and InfluxDB output plugin**

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --input-filter cpu:mem --output-filter influxdb

Run Telegraf with pprof

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --pprof-addr localhost:6060

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