influx v1 auth

Not supported in InfluxDB Cloud

InfluxDB Cloud does not support InfluxDB 1.x compatible authorizations. To authenticate with InfluxDB Cloud, use InfluxDB token authentication.

The influx v1 auth subcommands provide authorization management for the InfluxDB 1.x compatibility API.

InfluxDB Cloud uses API tokens to authorize API requests. The 1.x compatibility API lets clients authenticate with InfluxDB Cloud using the InfluxDB 1.x convention of username and password.

1.x-compatible authorizations are separate from the credentials used to log into the InfluxDB user interface.


influx v1 auth [flags]
influx v1 auth [command]

Command aliases

auth, authorization


Command Description
create Create authorization
delete Delete authorization
list List authorizations
set-active Activate an authorization
set-inactive Deactivate an authorization
set-password Set a password for an existing authorization


Flag Description
-h --help Help for the v1 auth command

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