InfluxDB Cloud updates

InfluxDB Cloud updates occur frequently. Find a compilation of recent updates below. To find information about the latest Flux updates in InfluxDB Cloud, see Flux release notes.

October 2022

Custom data retention periods

Set a custom data retention period for a bucket. Note that free users can only retain data up to 30 days.

MQTT connector

Connect to your MQTT subscription from the InfluxDB Cloud UI.

September 2022

Time zone selector

Choose the time zone for individual dashboard cells.

Adaptive zoom

Get a more granular view of graph visualizations by zooming in and requerying the data. For details, see Graph visualizations.

Arduino onboarding

Quickly get started with Arduino within minutes of logging in with the Arduino wizard.

August 2022

CLI onboarding

The command line interface (CLI) onboarding wizard minimizes the learning curve for using the CLI, making it easy to use within a few minutes of logging in.

Switch organizations and accounts in the header

Quickly access settings and navigate between multiple accounts or, if applicable, multiple organizations, in the header menu.


Request a proof of concept from the UI

Request a proof of concept (POC) from the help options in the InfluxDB Cloud UI. A sales representative will contact you to customize a POC for your data and use case.

Accessible graph color options

To ensure graphing functionality is accessible to colorblind users, we added two additional colorblind-friendly color pallet graph customization options.

Sample IoT application and code snippets for Python

Quickly start writing and querying your data with Python. Now, when you complete the Python onboarding wizard, you’ll have the option to do either of the following:

June 2022

Private InfluxDB Cloud offering

New support for private InfluxDB Cloud offering on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces for annual customers. Please contact for more information.

Sample IoT application and code snippets for Node.js

Quickly start writing and querying your data with JavaScript/Node.js. Now, when you complete the JavaScript/Node.js onboarding wizard, you’ll have the option to do either of the following:

Help bar updates

  • If you have a Usage-Based plan, you can now submit Support requests and questions directly to our Salesforce Support queue (without needing a Salesforce account). Hover over the question mark in InfluxDB Cloud, and select Contact Support. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your ticket number for reference.

  • Add a Status page to display InfluxDB uptime, downtime, and incident management information for all Cloud regions. Hover over the question mark in InfluxDB Cloud, and select Status Page.

  • Add a link to quickly access InfluxDB University. Hover over the question mark in InfluxDB Cloud, and select InfluxDB University.

Bug fixes

  • Keep the time picker on the screen when the Script Editor is open.
  • Escape commas in strings that were breaking the rendering of table visualizations.
  • Add a Copy to Clipboard button to copy the organization name on the Organization Settings page.
  • Ensure the following:
    • The Copy button no longer hides graph error messages.
    • Nested objects no longer break tables.
    • Query Explorer displays results when data is returned.
    • Single Usage stats text is selectable.
    • Users get redirected to the Login page after a session expires.
    • Renamed “Token last used” to “Token last modified” to be more accurate and descriptive.

May 2022

Bulk delete API tokens

Efficiently delete multiple tokens at once. For details, see Delete a token using the InfluxDB API.

Help bar

Find relevant content easily from the Cloud UI using the help tab in left side panel.

April 2022

Query improvements in Data Explorer and notebooks

It’s now easier to use the visual builder to create queries in the Data Explorer and notebooks:

  • The builder requires you to select a measurement before you can select associated tags.
  • All measurements, fields, tags, and tag values appear in the builder, not just the ones in the currently specified time range. This update ensures that measurements, fields, and tags, are visible even if you set a very short time range.

Onboarding wizards for common programming languages

During onboarding, choose the Python, JavaScript, or Go wizard to quickly get started writing data and executing simple queries. For details, see Write and query data using the programming language of your choice.

March 2022

Deep linking

Navigate to UI pages without having to enter your organization ID in the URL using deep links. For example, redirects to your organization’s billing page.

February 2022

Remove yourself from an organization

You can now remove yourself as a member of an organization in the Cloud UI. For details, see Remove a user from your organization.

Add auto-refresh functionality to Notebooks

Automatically refresh Notebooks data. For details, see Create a notebook.

Performance improvements to dashboards and queries

Previously, InfluxDB loaded all variables on the client side, even those not included in a dashboard or query. Now, InfluxDB only loads variables used by queries or dashboards.

January 2022

Update Tokens UI

To enhance security, the Tokens UI will only display an InfluxDB Cloud token when it’s first created. If you return to the Token page later, you won’t be able to view or copy the token. To learn more about token access restrictions, see Create an API token.

Multi-account support

You can now invite a user to join an organization using the same email they’ve used in another InfluxDB Cloud account. Users can switch between accounts in the UI.

December 2021

  • Paginated dashboards in UI: Previously, the Dashboards page could take awhile to load with more than a few dashboards. Now, all dashboards are immediately paginated and accessible on the Dashboards page.
  • $250 usage credit: Available when you choose a usage-based plan during signup.
  • Improved task reliability and reporting
  • Improved error handling for InfluxQL queries.
  • When you select a bucket from Data (Load Data) > Buckets, the bucket opens in Notebooks.

November 2021

Remove Website Demo Data

To improve user experience and consolidate system-delivered data, we removed the Website Demo Data bucket in Data Explorer, and now provide new sample data buckets in notebooks (see Add sample data buckets to Notebooks UI). If you’ve used the Website Demo Data bucket in the past, your existing demo data isn’t affected, and you may continue to use the data as needed.

Add sample data buckets to Notebooks UI

To get started with sample data in InfluxDB Cloud, check out the new sample data buckets in the Notebooks UI, which support a variety of use cases. Sample data buckets provide a way to explore InfluxDB without ingesting your own data.

Now, you can add the following buckets with sample data to your notebooks:

  • Air Sensor Data
  • Coinbase bitcoin price
  • NOAA National Buoy Data
  • USGS Earthquakes

Add ability to share notebooks

Add ability to share a notebook in the the InfluxDB Cloud notebook UI.

October 2021

API invokable scripts

Use API invokable scripts to assign and execute a script through an API endpoint.

New UI design

Refresh the look and feel of InfluxDB Cloud UI. The updated icons, fonts, and layouts improve visibility, accessibility, and user experience.

The updated icons, fonts, and layouts improve visibility, accessibility, and user experience. For those interested in the code, check out the Clockface UI kit.

Flux update

Upgrade to Flux v0.139.

Telegraf configuration UI

Update Telegraf configuration in the UI to make it easier to set up and configure Telegraf plugins. See how to use the InfluxDB UI to generate and store new Telegraf plugins.

September 2021

  • Paginated tasks in UI: Previously, the Tasks page only listed the first 100 tasks. Now, all tasks are accessible and paginated on the Tasks page.

  • Enhanced Flux VS Code extension to include tasks: Add ability to create and edit InfluxDB tasks in Visual Studio Code using the Flux extension. See how to use the Flux VS Code extension.

August 2021

July 2021

May 2021

April 2021

January 2021

AWS and Microsoft regions

  • Add support for Microsoft Azure and new AWS regions:
    • Microsoft Azure:
      • West Europe (Amsterdam) region
      • East US (Virginia) region
    • AWS:
      • US East (Virginia) region

Microsoft social sign-on

InfluxDB community templates

Load Data updates

Visualization updates

  • Add new Band Plot visualization.
  • Add the legendColorizeRows property to toggle the color on and off in the legend.

CLI updates

  • Usability improvements to influx CLI:
    • Add option to print raw query results in influx query.
    • Add ability to export resources by name using influx export.
    • Add new processing options and enhancements to influx write.
    • Add --active-config flag to influx commands to set the configuration for a single command.
    • Add max-line-length flag to the influx write command to address “token too long” errors for large inputs.
    • Add --force flag to the influx stacks rm command, which lets you remove a stack without the confirmation prompt.
    • Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth create.
    • Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth set-password.
    • Improve ID-related error messages for [influx v1 dbrp] commands.

API updates

  • List all buckets in the API now supports the after parameter as an alternative to offset.
  • Add the v1/authorization package to support authorizing requests to the InfluxDB 1.x API.

Task updates

  • Record the last success and failure run times in tasks.
  • Inject the task option latestSuccessTime in Flux Extern.

Telegraf plugins in UI

  • Update Telegraf plugins list in UI to include Beat, Intel PowerStats, and Rienmann.

Performance improvements

  • Promote schema and fill query optimizations to default behavior.


Install and customize InfluxDB community templates in the Cloud UI

Install and customize any InfluxDB community template directly in the Cloud user interface (UI). For more details, see how to install and customize a template in the UI.


Pricing updates and Azure region

  • Update pricing vectors to determine pricing by the total data out and query count.

  • Add Microsoft Azure support for the eastus and westeurope regions. Each region has a unique InfluxDB Cloud URL and API endpoint.

Bug fixes

  • Resolve issues in checks and notifications.

2019-09-10 Monitoring & Alerts


  • InfluxDB OSS 2.0 alpha-17See the alpha-17 release notes for details.
  • Alerts and Notifications to Slack (Free Plan), PagerDuty and HTTP (Usage-based Plan).
  • Rate limiting on cardinality for Free Plan.
  • Billing notifications.
  • Pricing calculator.
  • Improved Signup flow.

2019-07-23 General Availability


  • InfluxDB OSS 2.0 alpha-15See the alpha-9 release notes for details.
  • Usage-based Plan.
  • Adjusted Free Plan rate limits.
  • Timezone selection in the user interface.

2019-05-06 Public Beta


  • Add rate limiting for Free Plan users.
  • Add client libraries for Go and JS.

Bug fixes

  • Users cannot delete themselves from their Cloud account.
  • The bucket retention period for Free Plan users is set to 72 hours.
  • Free Plan users cannot change a bucket’s retention period.



Bug fixes

  • Usage statistics on the Usage page show correct values.
  • Existing tasks with duration specified in nanoseconds no longer need to be resubmitted.
  • Removed the additional user that showed up as an owner under the Cloud organization.
  • Cloud users can use CLI tools to interact with their Cloud tenant.



Bug fixes

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