InfluxDB Cloud updates

InfluxDB Cloud updates occur frequently. Find a compilation of recent updates below. To find information about the latest Flux updates in InfluxDB Cloud, see Flux release notes.

August 2021

July 2021

May 2021

April 2021

January 2021

AWS and Microsoft regions

  • Add support for Microsoft Azure and new AWS regions:
    • Microsoft Azure:
      • West Europe (Amsterdam) region
      • East US (Virginia) region
    • AWS:
      • US East (Virginia) region

Microsoft social sign-on

InfluxDB community templates

Load Data updates

Visualization updates

  • Add new Band Plot visualization.
  • Add the legendColorizeRows property to toggle the color on and off in the legend.

CLI updates

  • Usability improvements to influx CLI:
    • Add option to print raw query results in influx query.
    • Add ability to export resources by name using influx export.
    • Add new processing options and enhancements to influx write.
    • Add --active-config flag to influx commands to set the configuration for a single command.
    • Add max-line-length flag to the influx write command to address “token too long” errors for large inputs.
    • Add --force flag to the influx stacks rm command, which lets you remove a stack without the confirmation prompt.
    • Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth create.
    • Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth set-password.
    • Improve ID-related error messages for [influx v1 dbrp] commands.

API updates

  • List all buckets in the API now supports the after parameter as an alternative to offset.
  • Add the v1/authorization package to support authorizing requests to the InfluxDB 1.x API.

Task updates

  • Record the last success and failure run times in tasks.
  • Inject the task option latestSuccessTime in Flux Extern.

Telegraf plugins in UI

  • Update Telegraf plugins list in UI to include Beat, Intel PowerStats, and Rienmann.

Performance improvements

  • Promote schema and fill query optimizations to default behavior.


Install and customize InfluxDB community templates in the Cloud UI

Install and customize any InfluxDB community template directly in the Cloud user interface (UI). For more details, see how to install and customize a template in the UI.


Pricing updates and Azure region

  • Update pricing vectors to determine pricing by the total data out and query count.

  • Add Microsoft Azure support for the eastus and westeurope regions. Each region has a unique InfluxDB Cloud URL and API endpoint.

Bug fixes

  • Resolve issues in checks and notifications.

2019-09-10 Monitoring & Alerts


  • InfluxDB OSS 2.0 alpha-17See the alpha-17 release notes for details.
  • Alerts and Notifications to Slack (Free Plan), PagerDuty and HTTP (Usage-based Plan).
  • Rate limiting on cardinality for Free Plan.
  • Billing notifications.
  • Pricing calculator.
  • Improved Signup flow.

2019-07-23 General Availability


  • InfluxDB OSS 2.0 alpha-15See the alpha-9 release notes for details.
  • Usage-based Plan.
  • Adjusted Free Plan rate limits.
  • Timezone selection in the user interface.

2019-05-06 Public Beta


  • Add rate limiting for Free Plan users.
  • Add client libraries for Go and JS.

Bug fixes

  • Users cannot delete themselves from their Cloud account.
  • The bucket retention period for Free Plan users is set to 72 hours.
  • Free Plan users cannot change a bucket’s retention period.



Bug fixes

  • Usage statistics on the Usage page show correct values.
  • Existing tasks with duration specified in nanoseconds no longer need to be resubmitted.
  • Removed the additional user that showed up as an owner under the Cloud organization.
  • Cloud users can use CLI tools to interact with their Cloud tenant.



Bug fixes

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