Monitor InfluxDB Enterprise

Monitoring is the act of observing changes in data over time. There are multiple ways to monitor your InfluxDB Enterprise cluster. See the guides below to monitor a cluster using another InfluxDB instance.

Alternatively, to view your output data occasionally (e.g., for auditing or diagnostics), do one of the following:

Monitor with InfluxDB Insights

For InfluxDB Enterprise customers, Insights is a free service that monitors your cluster and sends metrics to a private Cloud account. This allows InfluxDB Support to monitor your cluster health and access usage statistics when assisting with support tickets that you raise.

To apply for this service, please contact the support team.

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The future of Flux

Flux is going into maintenance mode. You can continue using it as you currently are without any changes to your code.

Flux is going into maintenance mode and will not be supported in InfluxDB 3.0. This was a decision based on the broad demand for SQL and the continued growth and adoption of InfluxQL. We are continuing to support Flux for users in 1.x and 2.x so you can continue using it with no changes to your code. If you are interested in transitioning to InfluxDB 3.0 and want to future-proof your code, we suggest using InfluxQL.

For information about the future of Flux, see the following: